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Applicable Standards for Seamless Pipes (Part One)

GB/T8162-2008 (Seamless steel pipe for structure). Mainly used for general structure and mechanical structure. Its representative materials (brands): carbon steel #20,# 45 steel; alloy steel Q345B, 20Cr, 40Cr, 20CrMo, 30-35CrMo, 42CrMo, etc. To ensure the strength and flattening test.

GB/T8163-2008 (Seamless steel pipe for conveying fluid). Mainly used in engineering and large-scale equipment to transport fluid pipelines. The representative material (brand) is 20#, 45#. 55# Q345 B etc.

GB3087-2008 (Seamless steel pipes for low and medium pressure boilers). Mainly used in industrial boilers and domestic boilers to transport low and medium pressure fluid pipelines. Representative materials are 10 and 20 steel. In addition to ensuring the chemical composition and mechanical properties, water pressure tests, crimping, flaring, and flattening tests should be done.

GB5310-2008 (Seamless steel tubes for high-pressure boilers). Mainly used for high-temperature and high-pressure conveying fluid headers and pipelines on boilers in power plants and nuclear power plants. Representative materials are 20G, 12Cr1MoVG, 15CrMoG, etc. In addition to ensuring the chemical composition and mechanical properties, it is necessary to do a water pressure test one by one, as well as a flaring and flattening test. The steel pipe is delivered in a heat-treated state. In addition, there are also certain requirements for the microstructure, grain size, and decarburized layer of the finished steel pipe. 

GB5312-2009 (Carbon steel and carbon-manganese steel seamless steel tubes for ships). Mainly used for I and II pressure pipes for marine boilers and superheaters. Representative materials are 360, 410, 460 steel grades, etc.

GB6479-2013 (Seamless steel pipes for high-pressure fertilizer equipment). Mainly used for conveying high temperature and high pressure fluid pipelines on fertilizer equipment. Representative materials are 20#, 16Mn/Q345B, 12CrMo, 12Cr2Mo, etc.

GB9948-2013 (Seamless steel pipe for petroleum cracking). Mainly used in boilers, heat exchangers and fluid pipelines of petroleum smelters. Its representative materials are 20, 12CrMo, 1Cr5Mo, 1Cr19Ni11Nb, etc.

GB18248-2008 (Seamless steel tubes for gas cylinders). Mainly used to make various gas and hydraulic cylinders. Its representative materials are 37Mn, 34Mn2V, 35CrMo, etc.

GB/T17396-2009 (Hot-rolled seamless steel pipes for hydraulic props). Mainly used to make coal mine hydraulic supports, cylinders and columns, and other hydraulic cylinders and columns. Its representative materials are 20, 45, 27SiMn, etc.

GB3093-2002 (High-pressure seamless steel pipes for diesel engines). Mainly used for high pressure oil pipe of diesel engine injection system. The steel pipe is generally cold drawn, and its representative material is 20A.

 GB/T3639-2009 (cold drawn or cold rolled precision seamless steel pipe). It is mainly used for steel pipes for mechanical structures and carbon pressure equipment that require high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish. Its representative materials are 20, 45 steel, etc.

GB/T3094-2012 (cold drawn seamless steel pipe special-shaped steel pipe). It is mainly used to make various structural parts and parts, and its materials are high-quality carbon structural steel and low-alloy structural steel.

Post time: Nov-03-2021