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Weekly overview of the raw materials market

Last week, the prices of domestic raw materials varied. Iron ore prices fluctuated and fell, coke prices remained stable on the whole, coking coal market prices tended to be stable, ordinary alloy prices were moderately stable, and special alloy prices fell on the whole.The price changes of the main varieties are as follows:.3

Imported iron ore prices shock operation

Last week, the market of imported iron ore fluctuated, with the price of outer plate and spot price of port falling slightly compared with the previous weekend, mainly due to the temporary drop in iron ore demand due to the production limit of northern steel mills.At the same time, steel mill profits are compressed, iron ore procurement enthusiasm is not high, generally maintain a normal low inventory running state.Due to the notice received around the production limit requirements, 2021 annual crude steel production shall not be higher than last year, means that the second half of the steel mill will have a large degree of production limit, in the short term the steel mill has not yet had specific measures, iron ore demand remains relatively high, but in the long term, such as the official implementation of the production limit, iron ore demand will decline sharply.

Metallurgical coke transaction price stable

Last week, the domestic metallurgical coke transaction price to stable.

The coking coal market is stable

Last week, the domestic coking coal market prices were mainly stable, with mixed results in some areas, and most of the coal mines that had stopped production were actively preparing to resume production.At present, the coal mines that have stopped production in the main producing areas are actively resuming work and production, but most downstream coking enterprises have the demand to replenish storage, and the supply is still tight in the near future. It is expected that the domestic coking coal chief association price will mainly rise in the near future, and the market coal price is mixed.

Ferroalloy prices are mixed

Last week, ferroalloy prices were mixed.Ferrosilica, silicon manganese prices rose steadily, high carbon ferrochrome prices rose strongly;Vanadium nitrogen alloy price rose slightly, vanadium iron price fell slightly, ferromolybdenum price continues to fall weakly.Specifically:

Ferrosilicon market prices have risen steadily.

China Metallurgical News (6th edition of 6th edition, July 7, 2021)

Post time: Jul-07-2021