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China’s steel exports increase 30% y-o-y in H1, 2021

According to the official statistic from the Chinese government, the total exports of steel from China this first half of the year were around 37 million tons, increased by over 30% year on year.
Among them, the different types of exporting steel including round bar and wire, with around 5.3 million tons, section steel (1.4 million tons), steel plate (24.9 million tons), and steel pipe (3.6 million tons).
Moreover, these Chinese steel’s main destination was South Korea (4.2 million tons), Vietnam (4.1 million tons), Thailand (2.2 million tons), the Philippines (2.1 million tons), Indonesia (1.6 million tons), Brazil (1.2 million tons), and Turkey (906,000 tons).

Post time: Aug-18-2021