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Other Pipes&Fitting series

  • Overview of Other Pipes&Fitting Series

    Overview of Other Pipes&Fitting Series

    note 1:all of the date is most values.

    note 2:“—”means no request

    ① “W”means fitting for connecting.

    ② when the fitting is stick and plate, the most C should be 0.35

    ③ the forged fittings the most C is 0.35.and most Si is 0.35 and no limited for minimum

    ④ when the C is below most request, C reduce 0.01% and Mn will be increased 0.06%,until to most Mn is 1.35%

    ⑤ Cu,Ni Cr Mo total less than 1.00%

    ⑥ 0.32%。Cr Mo total less than 0.32 %

    ⑦ heat analysis and final products analysis will be both suitable.