Alloy seamless steel pipe exported to Indian market -Sanon Pipe

We just signed a contract with an Indian customer last week. The product is alloy seamless steel pipe ASTM A335 P11. We have a certain inventory of alloy products, so we can find products for customers. Customer this pipe is used for finned tube, finned tube as a heat exchange element, long-term working in the condition of high temperature flue gas, such as boiler heat exchanger with finned tube using bad environment, high temperature and high pressure and in corrosive atmosphere, which requires finned tube should have a high performance index. Such as Anti-corrosion performance, Anti-wear performance, lower contact resistance, Higher Stability and anti-ash corrosion ability.

We also have ASME A210(A210M) GrA1,GrC, boiler pipe and boiler flue pipe, including safety end vault and strut pipe and smaller wall thickness seamless medium carbon steel pipe for superheater pipe.

ASME A179,ASMEA192 and so on.

alloy pipe P11
alloy steel pipe

Post time: May-08-2023