sanonpipe specializes in seamless alloy steel pipe

Tianjin Sanon Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Is A Professional Supplier And Manufacturer Of Steel Pipes And Pipe Fittings In China, With More Than 30 Years Of Professional Pipeline Supply Experience.
Annual Sales: 120,000 Tons Of Alloy Pipes, Annual Inventory: More Than 30,000 Tons Of Alloy Pipes.
Our Company’s Main Products Include: Boiler Pipes  Account For 40%; Line Pipes Account For 20%; Petrochemical Pipes Account For 10%; Heat Exchanger Tubes Account For 10% ; Mechanical Pipes Account For 10%; Alloy Fittings Account For 10%.

In recent years, the company has obtained ISO certificate, IQNET certificate ,CE certificate, 3A certificate, which is the proof of the company’s strength, is the premise to provide guarantee for customers, we are committed to alloy seamless steel pipe and pipe fittings supply.

ISO9001  ISO45001  ISO14001  IQNet ISO9001_00  IQNet ISO45001_00  IQNet ISO14001_00  Cert W0+PED_Tianjin Sanon Steel Pipe_2021_v001_01  SANONPIPE

Alloy steel pipe material as long as:

Boiler Pipes

ASTM A335/A335M-2018:P5、P9、P11、P12、P22、P91、P92;GB/T5310-2017:20mng、25mng、15mog、20mog、12crmog、15crmog、12cr2mog、12crmovg;ASME SA-213/SA-213M:T11、T12、T22、T23、T91、P92、T5、T9、T21;

Petrochemical pipe


heat exchanger tube

SA210C/T11 T12, T22.T23, T91. T92

alloy fittings

A234WP9、 P91、 15CrMo、 P11 P5

If You Are More Interested In Any Of The Above, Please Reply To Us, We Will Provide You With The First Time

Post time: Nov-16-2022