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Tianjin Sanon Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier and manufacturer of steel pipes and pipe fittings in China, with more than 30 years of professional pipeline supply experience.
Annual sales: 120,000 tons of alloy pipes, annual inventory: more than 30,000 tons of alloy pipes.
Our company's main products include: Boiler Pipes  account for 40%; line pipes account for 20%; Petrochemical pipes account for 10%; heat exchanger tubes account for 10% ; Mechanical pipes account for 10%; alloy fittings account for 10%.
Main materials include:

1.Boiler Pipes   40%

ASTM A335/A335M-2018P5P9P11P12P22P91P92GB/T5310-201720g20mng25mng15mog20mog12crmog15crmog12cr2mog12crmovgASME SA-106/SA-106M-2015GR.BCR.CASTMA210(A210M)-2012SA210GrA1SA210 GrCASME SA-213/SA-213MT11T12T22T23T91P92T5T9T21GB/T 3087-200810#20#

2.line pipe   20%


3.Petrochemical pipe   10%


4.heat exchanger tube   10%

ASME SA179/192/210/213 : SA179/SA192/SA210A1.

SA210C/T11 T12, T22.T23, T91. T92

5.Mechanical pipe   10%

GB/T8162 : 10203545Q34542CrMoASTM-A519:10181026862041304140EN10210S235GRHS275JOHS275J2HASTMA53:GR.A GR.B

6.alloy fittings   10%

A234WP9P9115CrMoP11 P5

The product standards that our company can provide you with reference are:

ASTM A500; GBT3639-2009GBT17396-2009API5L-46th EditionAPI 5CT Specification for Casing and TubingASME B16.49-2000ASTM-A312 Seamless and Welded Austenitic Stainless Steel PipeDIN EN10210 -1BS EN 10025-1BS-EN-10216-1-Chinese version - Seamless steel tubes for pressure use - Technical delivery conditions - Part 1: Non-alloy steel tubes with specified room temperature propertiesBS EN 10216-2EN 10025-2EN 10025-3BS EN 10025-4BS EN 10025-5EN10025-6AWWA-C213GB/T 9808-2008 Seamless steel pipes for drillingGB/T 3077-2015 alloy structural steelGB 9948 Seamless Steel Tubes for Petroleum CrackingGB/T 8162 Seamless Steel Tubes for StructuresGB/T 8163 Seamless Steel Tubes for Transporting FluidsGB/T 229; GB/T 2102GB/T 5310GBT9711-2017JISG3461-88SA53/SA53MSA-106/SA-106MSA-192/SA-192MSA-210/SA-210MSA-213/SA-213MSA-333MSA-334MSA- 335MEN 10210-2EN10219API SPECIFICATION 5CT TENTH EDITION, JUNE 2018API SPECIFICATION 5L FORTY-SIXTH EDITION, APRIL 2018ASTM A53 Standard Specification For Pipe, Steel, Black And Hot-Dipped, Zinc-Coated, Welded And SeamlessASTM A106 Standard Specification For Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe For High Temperature ServiceASTM A179 SPECIFICATION FOR SEAMLESS COLD-DRAWN LOW-CARBON STEEL HEAT-EXCHANGER AND CONDENSER TUBESASTM A210 SPECIFICATION FOR SEAMLESS MEDIUM-CARBON STEEL BOILER AND SUPERHEATER TUBESASTM A213 Standard Specification For Seamless Ferritic And Austenitic Alloy-Steel Boiler, Superheater, And Heat-Exchanger TubesASTM A333 Standard Specification For Seamless And Welded Steel Pipe For Low-Temperature ServiceASTM A335 Standard Specification For Seamless Ferritic Alloy- Steel Pipe For High-Temperature ServiceASTM A450 Standard Specification For General Requirements For Carbon And Low Alloy Steel TubesASTM A519 Standard Specification For Seamless Carbon And Alloy Steel Mechanical TubingGB 3087 Seamless Steel Tubes For Low And Medium Pressure BoilersJIS G3454 Carbon Steel Pipes For Pressure ServiceGB/T 8163 Seamless Steel Tubes For Liquid ServiceGB 5310 Seamless Steel Tubes For High-Pressure BoilersGB 6479 Seamless Steel Tubes For High-Pressure For Chemical Fertilizer EquipmentsEN 10216-1 Seamless Steel Tubes For Pressure Purposes-Technical Delivery Consitions-Part 1EN 10216-2 Seamless Steel Tubes For Pressure Purposes-Technical Delivery Conditio ns-Part 2JIS G 3456 Carbon Steel Pipes For High Temperature ServiceJIS G 3462 Alloy Steel Tubes For Boiler And Heat ExchangerJIS G 3455 Carbon Steel Pipes For High Pressure ServiceJIS G 3461 Carbon Steel Boiler And Heat Exchanger TubesIPS-M-PI-190(3)ASTM B16.49-2007BS EN 10163-3:2004NACE MR0175/ISO 15156-1A1085/A1085M-15A312M; ASTM-A532AWWA C213USA ASTM-Standard A-501Black And Hot-Dipped Zinc-Coated PipesGBT-3163GBT13793-2008GBT9711-2011HGT20553-2011ISO 12944-5-2007SHT3405-2017Cylinder Steel Pipe Standards, Materials And RequirementsGB3087-2008.PdfGBT 29168.1-2012 Induction Heated Bends, Fittings and Flanges for Pipeline Transmission Systems in the Oil and Gas Industry Part 1 Induction Heated BendsBS1387-1985 Standard for Steel Pipes and FittingsJIS- G3452EN10297-1ASTM A501_A501MASTM-A770 Special Steel PlateASTM-A36Victaulic Grooved Pipes StandardGBT9711-2011GB 50540-2009 Construction code for process pipeline engineering in oil and natural gas stations (including the revised contents of 2012 edition)BS1387-1985 Standard for steel pipes and fittingsBS-1387DIN-EN-10220BS-EN-970-1997 Chinese-Non-destructive testing of fusion welds— ―Visual inspection GBT-3696-2009ASTM-A513ASTM-A519ASTM-A519-2012GOST 8733 GOST 8734GOST 8732_1978DIN2391-1DIN -2391-2-ChineseSAE-J403-2001EN10210-1ASTM A700-2014ASTM A700-2005GOST 8732_1978GOST 10704_1991; GOST8639-82GB_T12459-2017;GOST-380-2005-E2008-ENG;GOST_8732-78.

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