Introduction to ASTM A335 standard seamless alloy steel pipe.

ASTM-335 and SA-355M Standard Specification for Seamless Ferritic Alloy-Steel Pipe for High-Temperature Service.
Belongs to the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.
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The order form must include the following 11 items:
1. Quantity (feet, meters or number of rods)
2. Material name (seamless alloy steel nominal pipe)
3. Levels (16 in total: P1, P2, P22, P11, P22, P91)
4. Manufacturing method (hot finishing or cold drawing)
5. Use one of the following specifications: 1), NPS and pipe wall thickness serial number, 2), outer diameter and nominal wall thickness, 3), outer diameter and minimum wall thickness, 4), inner diameter and nominal wall thickness , 5), inner diameter and minimum wall thickness ordering instructions
6. Length (divided into fixed length and indefinite length)
7. End processing.
8. Selection requirements (water pressure and allowable weight deviation).
9. Required test reports (see A530).
10. Standard number. 11Special requirements or any optional supplementary requirements.
Materials and manufacturing
1. Nominal steel pipes can be hot-finished or cold-drawn, and have undergone the final heat treatment required by the standard.
2. P2 and P12 grade steel. These two grades of steel should be manufactured using the coarse grain melting process. If there are special requirements for grain size or deoxidation process, they should be agreed upon by the purchaser and the steel manufacturer.
3. Heat treatment
1. Except for PSC, P23, P91, P92, P122 and P911 grade steel and as specified, all grades of nominal pipes shall be reheated and supplied in a fully annealed, isothermal annealed or normalized and tempered state. If supplied in the normalized and tempered state, the minimum tempering temperature for P5, P5B, P9, P21 and P22 grade steel shall be 675°C. The minimum tempering temperature for P1, P2, P11, P12 and P15 grade steel shall be should be 650 ℃
2. The final heat treatment of P92 and P911 grade steel should be normalizing at a minimum of 1040 ℃ and tempering at a minimum of 730 ℃.

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